Sister Dance Session - Pasadena, Maryland

I just have the urge to keep referring to this photoshoot as my "Sister Session". Maybe because the words go together so well, and I might have to start promoting Sister Sessions more. I do have a sister so I would bring a lot to the table. I've also danced with my sister for a good majority of my life so it was a little nostalgic to watch Savannah and Kelsi dance together for their Dance "Sister Session". I never attempted Pointe though, so I commend these girls for their talent with it. They make it look so easy going up on Pointe, and their flowy dresses made it look that much more elegant! 

We chose Downs Park in Pasadena, MD because it has a mixture of everything, located right on the Chesapeake Bay. It was such a beautiful day in May while the sun was setting, and we took advantage of everything Downs Park had to offer. Savannah leaped over walking trails and impressed all of us with her flexibility. Kelsi elegantly posed on the beach in her beautiful blue laced dress. The beach was a nice change too. The girls were able to take a break from their Pointe shoes ad spin around in the sand. We got some nice headshots for their upcoming auditions, and ended with windswept portraits on the pier. Check out their photos below!