Amish Country USA Trip - Lancaster, PA

So its no secret, at least to the people who know me, that I'm like obsessed with the Amish. Its just so fascinating to me! They live in a completely different world than us, yet they're living in the same country as you and I. The only Amish I have every visited and the most popular location is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This one in particular we took a day trip too was in Runks, PA. It was called A is for Amish Buggy Rides. On the way there we passed, no joke, 15 buggies on the road that we had to maneuver around. Plus the horse poop Matt was trying to not get on his tires haha!

At one point we were behind a buggy with 3 little Amish girls in the back peaking out the back window. I waved to them and they waved back and smiled and it made my day. They're just so dang cute and I want to take them home with me! I would love to live with them for just one day, to see what their lives are actually like. I haven't met another human being who shares these same weird Amish feelings but it just fascinates me so much. They really need to invent a "Live with the Amish for a day experience" and if you're reading this and know of such a thing YOU BETTER COMMENT AND TELL ME WHERE IT IS!!

I probably should mention that for this trip we didn't actually get to take any Amish tours on this day. It was a Sunday, and you would think someone like me who loves the Amish would know that they don't work on Holy Day -__-. So lesson for anyone planning to visit. If you have to go on a weekend, go on a SATURDAY! Or if you have to go on a Sunday, you can see them literally taking a Sunday drive on the main roads, so theres that. Matt and I were trying to figure out where there were going on that Sunday because so many of them were on the road, and we came to the conclusion they were all on a Sunday drive. I mean, they can do that right?

Ok, lets move on to the photos I'm actually including in this post since we spent the majority of our time there with the farm animals. There was an Alpaca who loved the camera. Fun fact, my friend and I went to an Alpaca Farm sometime last year. Like we went to this farm just for the Alpacas, and it was awesome! Maybe I'm just in to weird things, Amish....Alpacas....whatever. YOLO.  So, I got a combination of cute and funny photos of these farm animals. There was a goat with long horns who had a very itchy back, and as I was taking photos of him, I caught one with his eyes rolling backwards and tongue out using his horn to scratch himself. Its one of my favorite photos now, and I've been tempted to print it out and frame it. Gosh I sound like such a weird person in this blog post! Then the horses who pulled the Buggies. They were chilling in their harnesses so I went up to pet them. I got a beautiful photo of one and then all of a sudden he sneezes and I caught it! I like to tell people he's laughing ;)

If you love the Amish like me, comment down below and let me know your favorite places to see them!