Historic Ellicott City Senior Session

Gabby and I spent a beautiful but HUMID August Sunday exploring Historic Ellicott City. We got so hot and sticky by the end of her Senior Session because we were finding so many cool places in the city to work with! I'll say though, you would never guess the humidity in these photos though! Ellicott City, Maryland is one of the coolest Historic Cities I've been to. They have restaurants built into the side of rocks, stone buildings, haunted houses, you name it!

Since it was a Sunday and a lot of business' were closed, we were able to sneak onto the cute porches of an insurance company. It was a purple building with white railings and I couldn't resist! My absolute FAVORITE thing we found was when we first got there. In the parking lot actually! It was a huge golden frame sitting in a flower pot and it gave us a great start to our Senior Session. They're still some of my favorite pictures!