Birthday Vacation To OBX!

My Birthday was the 3rd of September, and we're not going to talk about how old I turned. I'm at the age now where I don't look forward to getting older ;) Our dating Anniversary and my Birthday are very close to each other, so every year I tell Matt its the perfect excuse to go on a vacation! (and he falls for it each and every time). This year we decided to go back to OBX. I've been vacationing there since I was young, and he spent his teen years driving his Wrangler along the beaches of Corolla.

We rented a house in Duck, yes one of their towns is named Duck. They have the weirdest names down there, Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, etc. I'll be honest though, going to the beach in the off season was scary at first. We thought it would be awesome to rent a 4 bedroom house for the extra room and not have to deal with a hotel....but it ended up being really scary! I was convinced someone could be hiding in one of the bedrooms and we would never know, so I forced Matt to check under every bed and in every closet until the coast was clear. I kept thinking, "this is gonna be like one of those movies, a happy couple takes a vacation and theres a killer hiding in their vacation house!" 

The first night at 2am the alarm clock next to me went off and scared the poop out of us! Even when I turned it off it kept beeping, we even unplugged the thing and it kept making noise! I turned on the lamp next to me so I could see better and the light blew out, I'm not even making this up. Matt jumped out of bed and ripped the plug out of the wall. I'm happy to tell you though, that was the last of the scariness. The rest of the week we took long bike rides through town, ventured down to Cape Hatteras Island, climbed Currituck Lighthouse and drove on the beach. I've included some of those photos below! Just looking at pictures of the lighthouse makes my legs hurt!