Sandy Point State Park Model Shoot - Annapolis, Maryland

Nicole and I had a great time taking her headshots for her upcoming audition! She had the perfect outfits for this beach shoot at Sandy Point State Park. We braved the rock pier to get some awesome shots with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the background. We even met a nice couple who joked about getting in her pictures with her. Dont worry I won't include those, because I actually got some accidental shots with them in the frame when the lady dropped her sunglasses between the rocks. You never know the kind of people you'll come across on location! Not to mention the countless people in their cars on the Bay Bridge who gave us a lot of honks as they passed by. Its ok though, that just meant Nicole was looking fierce with her poses! We caught a beautiful orange sunset when we switched spots that went perfectly with her white bohemian dress as well! Check out her photos below!