Hi! I'm Lindsay

In the past 5 years as a wedding photographer, I've been lucky to call my couples my friends and be a part of so many meaningful days.


I have the best job in the world! I get to laugh with my couples, cry with my couples, and even dance with my couples.

It's important to me to not only produce beautiful imagery, but to create an amazing experience throughout the planning process.

I want you to have fun in front of my camera. I want you to love your images as much as I do, and I want you to have no worry other than having the best day ever!

The Co-workers


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Max is our little 7 month old English Lab. The first puppy we've ever gotten and such a handful! We lost our dog of 6 years, Toby​, in the middle of the pandemic due to cancer (f*** cancer!). The shelters were closed and Max fell into our lap. He's a stubborn Taurus and also the cutest sweetest thing ever. He feels like a real child after raising him from 8 weeks old! He only gets to be my co-worker when he's sleeping on the bed with me while I edit. Luna on the otherhand is the real co-worker! She actually lives in my office and is always there to give my feet little kisses while I answer emails. 


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Leesburg, Virginia

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