5 go to poses.....

This is the first pose I shoot every.single.session. All I tell my couple is to stand like you normally would for a photo, like I'm your friend with an iPhone.

Couples immediately get into a side by side position, and then I tell my guy to put his free hand in his pocket, and my gal to either play with the ends of her hair or take her dress/skirt and flow it back and forth.

Adding little changes to how your couple stands, or what they're doing with their hands can make a big difference!

After they've already looked right at the camera and smiled, I have them look at each other and smile.

Very simple and very cute.

Here I have them face each other. I tell my guy to wrap his hands around her waist and pull her in tight. I tell my gal to bring both her hands to her chest and go in for a kiss.

This is an example of my "lean towards me pose". I want to avoid unflattering angles, so I have my couples get in real close and lean towards me so their heads are their closest body part to my lens. This makes them look as slim as possible.

Here I tell my couples to very slowly walk towards me while looking at each other while smiling.

Notice his hand in his pocket and her hand on her dress? I continue those little adjustments throughout their session, so by the end their doing it on their own!


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